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What is thermal spray coating?

Thermal spray coatings provide longevity and functionality to components by improving their exterior strength. The process of thermal spray coating involves parts being covered in a durable outer layer, making each component resistant to wear and damage.

There are numerous forms of thermal spray coating such as HVOF, Plasma Spraying, Arc Wire Spraying and Flame Spraying, each designed to improve the function and durability of various engineered components. To find out which thermal spray coating is most appropriate for your products, get in touch with EP Coatings.


The environmental benefits of thermal spray coating

While thermal spray coatings rectify common issues relating to the erosion, corrosion and degradation of components, they simultaneously tackle environmental complications commonly caused by conventional plating processes. Having recognised the efficiency and sustainability of thermal spray coatings, we remain committed to providing coating solutions that protect your products without compromising the environment.

For further insight into our supportive stance, we’ve collated the following environmental benefits of thermal spray coating.

Improves the function of renewable technologies

Where renewable technologies are often submitted to corrosion and erosion from their surroundings environments, thermal spray coatings can be used to protect and extend the lives of such technologies. From eroded hydro turbine parts in the Hydropower industry to damaged boiler tube systems in the Biomass Energy Generation, thermal spray coatings can be used to protect components from future corrosion and repair parts already subjected to damage.

Thermal spray coating not only extends and improves the operation of renewable technological components, but allows them to be applied in more challenging environments, increasing their functionality and accessibility. With thermal spray coating, renewable technologies can adapt to meet the needs of various environments, continuing to work towards a greener future.

Encourages repairing instead of replacing

Instead of manufacturing new replacement parts, thermal spray coatings can be used to repair already damaged and worn components, effectively extending the lifetime of products. By repairing instead of replacing, less pollutive material waste is produced, creating a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable manufacturing process.

Decreases mining for rare materials

Where some technological parts are made from mined materials, by using a thermal spray coating we can preserve these rare components, which will in turn decrease the need for future mining. In this case, thermal spray coating works to protect both the parts and the environment from harmful processes.

Increases fuel efficiency with lighter parts

In the Auto and Aero industries, thermal spray coating can be used to create strong yet lightweight parts. As thermal spray coating provides components with a toughened exterior, lighter parts can be used and improved with a thermal spray coating, enhancing the functionality and fuel efficiency of the overall system.


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