Coating of customer supplied components
It is well understood that the application of a thermally sprayed coating to the surface of a component can greatly increase the value of the subject part and improve performance. The added value can be in the form of extended component lifetime, greatly increased resistance to aggressive environments and lower overall production costs. EPC routinely receives customer supplied products, applies quality controlled thermal spray coatings and delivers back to the customer on time.

Thermal Spray process

Thermal spray coating techniques such as HVOF, flame wire spraying, flame powder spraying, arc wire spraying, plasma spraying and cold gas spraying, allow many problems of wear, corrosion and thermal degradation to be resolved by engineering the surface with tailor-made coatings.

Thermal spraying is an attractive coating technique as it offers a wide choice of materials and processes that have a reduced impact on the environment when compared to conventional plating processes.

The demands for engineering coatings are becoming more and more stringent. Environmental concerns are also being considered as an integral part of the design process. For future economic competitiveness and a lower environmental impact we must, therefore, turn our attention to processes that use the minimum of resources.

EPC Thermal spray technologies:

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