Environmental Policy Statement
EPC Ltd recognises that the Environment is a central business concern and fully appreciates its responsibilities as defined in the Environmental Policy Statement and the commitment to Energy Management.  It is the intent and practice of EPC Ltd to establish and maintain a high standard of environmental care and to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment.

The application of EPC Ltd policies and processes referred to in this document is scoped to cover all operations directly under the control of the environmental management system.

The successful implementation of this policy has its foundations in the personal and visible commitment and involvement of every person working on the site, under the management of the Managing Director.

EPC Ltd is committed to the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment and continual improvement of our environmental performance. We achieve this through our drive for continual improvement and through the setting and review of objectives to reflect these policy commitments:

  • EPC Ltd will comply with existing and future environmental legislation, regulation and environmental standards.
  • EPC Ltd will establish, deliver, audit and review its environmental management system.
  • EPC Ltd will maintain a programme of continual improvement to minimise the impact of the business operations on the environment.
  • EPC Ltd will co-operate with members of industry, government agencies and relevant environmental bodies to both improve or achieve a high standard of environmental performance.
  • EPC Ltd will strive to eliminate, minimise, re-use and recycle all forms of waste and to make effective use of all materials and resources.

Leigh Rogers

Managing Director

Engineered Performance Coatings Ltd

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