Engineered Performance Coatings understand the demands of the global manufacturing markets and appreciates that today’s companies are working in extreme trading conditions.


Increasing raw material prices and ever tightening deadlines, means that customers need to be able to trust their suppliers to deliver a first-class service every time.

EPC is a customer focused company that supplies high quality coating services to a wide range of different industrial sectors.

We aim to be a market leader in our field, working in close partnerships with our customers to understand their needs and offer them a service that is second to none. We strive to be a single point of contact for solutions to all our customers’ thermal spray needs, by utilising the collective knowledge and experience not only from within EPC, but also our global network of partners.

We pride ourselves on offering reliable and flexible services that respond to our customers’ needs whilst also adhering to stringent quality systems, making you confident that EPC is the right choice for your next project!

Problem solving

We understand the ever-increasing global pressures acting on businesses throughout the various markets that we serve. Regardless of the business you are in, the drivers always tend to be the same, namely; improve the product quality whilst reducing product costs. This can seem like an impossible task when faced with ever increasing raw material prices, higher production costs and ever more stringent legislation. This is where thermal spray coatings can have the biggest impact, whether it’s HVOF, Plasma Spray, Arc Spray or Combustion, we have the ability to help.

By the careful selection and application of thermal spray coatings, huge advantages can be gained for relatively little investment. Engineered Performance Coatings, along with our various partners, specialise in working with industrial users the world over in order to add value both through our surface technology know how, and our customer focused approach.

Why choose us

  • Customer focus
  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Technical knowledge
  • Complimentary Services
  • Global Reach
  • Experience


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